Stray Dogs Are Chained To Die Of Starvation And Nobody Seems To Care!

(DogFull.Com) The authorities decided to go with the cruelest approach to handling these poor, helpless dogs.

Stray dogs have very difficult lives. They are living on their own, roaming the streets and can’t even eat appropriate food. We are always dumbfounded to see stray dogs get abused, neglected and mistreated, as if their lives on the streets aren’t bad enough!
Although there are some laws that manage how authorities should deal with stray dogs, there are still places where they don’t have any laws with regards to the lives of poor dogs. One of those places is the city of Siah Estalakh-e Saqad ol Molk, located in Gilan Province, Iran.

Over the last few years, the Iranian city has faced an uncontrollable challenge in the form of street dog overpopulation. The best way to deal with this is to spay and neuter the dogs, in order to control their numbers. It seems few care about the poor dogs in this city though, as this approach was never used in the city.
As long as these poor dogs are out of people’s sight, they could care less about their fate. There’s been speculation that authorities were mistreating the poor dogs. The authorities appeared to have decided to manage the issue in a cruel way.

The terrible, heartless photo of the chained dogs has shown the reality of this speculation. The authorities made the decision to chain the dogs so they starve to death. Thank goodness, some animal activists were able to take photos of the stray dogs and share it to the public.

The mistreated dogs are emaciated and in poor health. They are so thin because they couldn’t eat well. They need medical attention, adequate food, and most importantly, they need love and care that may help them overcome their ordeals.

Let’s help these poor dogs and SHARE their story. Let’s be their voices to make sure this reaches the authorities!

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