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Neighbors come together trying to save dog stuck in storm drain

Since Tuesday, residents in Houston area of the Spring community at Forest North have joined together to save an unidentified dog stuck in the area’s storm drainage system. The hearts of animal lovers are broken as they hear the frightened dog whimpering somewhere down in the storm drain as if crying out for help.

According to Click 2 Houston, Theresa Baragon lives next to the area where the black Labrador retriever was spotted. As soon as residents opened up the grate to help the dog out, he became scared and ran away. The neighbors fear if it rains, the drain will flood, and the dog won’t be able to escape.

“When the water is coming maybe he die, or she die. I don’t know if it’s boy or girl, I don’t know,” states Baragon, “but I’m very preocupado (worried). I love puppies.”

Meanwhile neighbors have left out food including bacon, kibble, treats, a blanket and water – hoping to coax out the pooch so he will come out by himself. Although one of the neighbors went down into the drain looking for him with a flashlight, there was no sign of the dog stuck anywhere, but the kind community has no problem helping a dog even if he doesn’t belong to anyone near them.

The dog is reported to be wearing a collar and has a red bandanna tied around his neck – indicating he belongs to someone.

We’re all hoping this pup makes it safely out and is reunited with his family soon.

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