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Little Dog Staying In A Puppy Mill Gets Her Vocal Cords Cut Off Because She ‘Barked Too Much’

(DogFull.Com) Raise your hand if you don’t know that dogs bark. No one? Right, we all know that dogs bark. But one little dog living at a puppy mill in Taiwan apparently barked too much.
So, what did the heartless people do? They cut her vocal cords. Wait, what? The heartless people still needed her for puppies, so they kept the dog around.
Eventually, she couldn’t do that, so they took her to a high-kill shelter. She arrived with a heavy chain around her neck and her name tag – which only said 143.
Her name was 143. Johanna Quinn from Heart of Taiwan Animal Care, a local rescue group, found 143 and took her out of the shelter.

Quinn named her Akiko. Akiko means “sparkle, bright.” Once out of the shelter and in a safe, loving place, Akiko did actually start to sparkle! Akiko was fostered by Kimberly Ann Barley.
Living in a puppy mill had not only taken a toll on Akiko’s spirit, but it also ravaged her body. She didn’t have much fur and was very malnourished. Akiko just wanted someone to love her for who she was – and Barley did.
When you foster an animal, the idea is that you take care of them until a forever home is found. So, Barley didn’t plan on keeping Akiko. Barley took Akiko to adoption events.
It didn’t take too long for Barley to realize that she wasn’t willing to give Akiko up. Akiko is now an advocate for animals everywhere.
She is no longer just a number. She is a valued member of a family! Share away, people!

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