Cruel Couple Says Their Dog Is Missing, But The Truth Behind This Will Make You Cringe

(DogFull.Com) This is probably one of the most heartbreaking, one of the most disturbing posts on Facebook. A couple from Illinois are going around lost dogs on Facebook pages and claim that the lost dogs belong to them. After they collect “their” dogs, they sell them for drugs and as “bait” to dog fighters just for money.
The life of a bait dog is horrible and beyond imagination, but to this cruel couple, nothing matters so long s they get paid. Up to now, no one knows how many dogs this couple have claimed and how many dog deaths they’re responsible for, but according to some sources, they have been caught red-handed several times.

According to the original source on Facebook, the woman has been seen walking in Illinois. They’re always on the lookout for stray and lost dogs. Please be alert. SHARE this with everyone you know.

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