Strangers Spot Something Moving In A Snow Mound, Then Realize It’s A Tiny Puppy

(DogFUll.Com) When most of us think about animals, or dogs especially, all of the calendar-worthy scenarios and images will pop into our minds. That’s why we love dogs — they’re adorable and happy and free!

Unfortunately for some dogs, that’s not always the case. Many animal service workers and authorities have to deal with the other side of the spectrum: the dogs and animals which they find abandoned or abused.
The sights they see will probably never leave their memories, but these special people continue their jobs because they realize that finding a creature in their worst state means they can save them and make them better.

In Cheektowaga, NY, one of these scenarios recently came into play for the officers and workers at Destiny’s Road Animal Rescue.

Two women were walking outside in the cold when they spotted a tiny chihuahua mix shivering in the midst of a snow bank.
The little dog was emaciated and almost frozen to death when they got there, so they immediately took her into their car, wrapped her in a blanket, and called the police.

After the authorities came and everyone got this tiny puppy to the veterinarian, they found out that she barely escaped freezing to death.

Thankfully, this little puppy is in the right care now, but no one has claimed her yet. She’s going to be getting a lot of TLC, according to Scott Thrun, the animal control officer who’s taken the case.

Now, all we can do is hope for her speedy recovery! Please SHARE this amazing rescue story, as this pup powers through this near-death experience!

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