Rescuers Spot Dog Pawing At His Head. Then See A Huge Open Wound Causing Him Pain

(DogFull.Com) He had a gaping wound on his head. He was only a puppy and yet his instincts told him to find a quiet place to hid in so he could die there. While he was hiding in the old building in India, he tried to use his paw to make the terrible pain from his wound to stop throbbing. Amazingly, the kind people from Animal Aid Unlimited found him.
They scooped up the puppy and took him in. He was dehydrated, thin, and had maggots in his head wound. He was the model patient for them and never once complained about his treatments. It was as if he had regained some hope when they found him and took him in. The people from Animal Aid do amazing work!

Watch the dramatic transformation video below!

I just love the happy music they play at the end! This is incredible, isn’t it? Well, don’t forget to share away, people.

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