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Former Bait Dog Was Missing Half Her Face. Now People World-Wide Are Sending Her Bonnets To Wear

Abigail’s past was a rough one; she spent her life as a bait dog and when she arrived at Miami-Dade Animal Services, her n.i.g.h.t.m.a.r.e past was obvious just by looking at her.

The whole side of her face was missing, her skin tissue was hanging, and most of her ear was gone. 

Thankfully, with help from Pets First Wellness Center and Love Is Fur Ever, they were able to save this poor dog and show her the love she’s deserved all along.

Despite what she’s been through, Abigail is such a sweet dog. She is very affectionate and has a loving, sweet personality. Another thing she loves is hats!

They initially would put pretty bonnets around her head to cover her wound.

Volunteers knit them for her in all different colors and styles, with pretty bows on top. Abigail loved wearing them, and as soon as people heard her story, they wanted to help too.

So people from all over the world began sending Abigail bonnets and headbands and more are arriving to the rescue every day. So far, she has more than 50 and the number keeps going up.

Aside from the hats, she also gets gifts such as treats and toys.

Abigail still needs one more surgery on her missing ear. You can help with her medical expenses by clicking here.

Once she is fully recovered, Abigail will be up for adoption.

Until then, if you’d like to send her some more bonnets, click here to find out how.

You can follow Abigail’s journey on her Facebook page, “Bonnets For Abigail.”


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