Couple Made Their Dog Their Wedding Videographer–And The Result Was Magical!

(DogFull.Com) We consider dogs as part of the family, so we want to include them in every special occasion, may it be Christmas, birthdays, or Thanksgiving.

One of the most special occasions in our lives is the wedding–a beautiful celebration of love. And of course, we’d love our dogs to join us in that celebration too. Some dog lovers would even make their dogs as part of the wedding entourage.
But instead of letting their dog be part of the entourage, this couple made their dog the videographer! They put a GoPro camera on their dog so she could film the wedding in her perspective, and the result was magical!

Watch the raw video below and see this couple’s wedding in the dog’s perspective!

Simply beautiful! What an ingenious idea! Was your dog also part of your wedding? What was his/her role? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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