2 Dogs Dumped Like Trash During Hurricane Matthew Are Rescued, Thanks To Caring Neighbor

For weeks, coastal communities prepared for HurricaneMatthew, and now its aftermath is all over the news. Among those affected, two small dogs were cruelly abandoned in the middle of the hurricane and forced to face the storm all alone and unprotected.

This morning, Susan Stanley looked across the street to a heart wrenching sight: two pups were loose, having been dumped in a crate with it’s door left open. The crate was pushed up against two trashcans, as if it and the pups were supposed to be part of the garbage heap.

Not only had then been put in danger because of the severe wind and rain, they could’ve easily been hit by a passing car. Stanley tried to coax the terrified terriers toward her in the pouring rain. But when that didn’t work, she enlisted the help of the Humane Society of Tampa.

Before rescuers arrived, Stanley was able to snap a few shots of the wandering pooches.

“On my Facebook, I posted some pictures of them out in the middle of the street cause that’s where they were like waiting for mom and dad to come back and pick them up again,” she said in an interview by ABC Action News.

“They hadn’t been taken care of for a while, you could see where they had big matts of just fur,” she added.

Watch the news story here:

The pups are now in the care of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and are believed to be littermates. They’re about 12-18 months old, and are thought to be Yorkie/Lhasa Apso mixes. They’ve been named Francesca (black/tan) and Casanova (tan), and are receiving love, care, and hair trims.

According to the website, they’ll be up for adoption sometime after October 12th. (Check out the rescue’s blog for more information.)

Francesca and Casanova will finally have a chance to live in a loving home, thanks to one neighbor who took action rather than turning a blind eye. We hope that they find their forever family, and that they’re able to stay together!

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